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Handwork & Beading

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Antique doilies hand-stitched onto a pair of my old jeans. Side view.

Antique doilies hand-stitched onto a pair of my old jeans - Front view

Antique glass buttons and hand-made silk tassels at front closure and cuffs.

Orange ribbon detail hand-sewn at waist for accent on 1950's inspired re-designed/re-purposed pleated circle skirt.

Hand-beaded spider web design sewn on black crepe pencil-fit skirt. Two, beaded "spider web strands", keep right side of blouse together. Blouse edged with black silk. Hand-beaded necklace to match.

Shakespearean quotes hand written in calligraphy-styled lettering. Pleated bottom edging. Back drawstring "bustle".

Closeup of Women's black crepe handbag. Polished wood handle, trimmed with black grosgrain ribbon and lined with black silk. Designed and created from scratch.

Small brimmed hat wool hat with black felt wide band with wool round accent.

White velvet Cap, closeup of hand-beaded detail

Hand-beading detail work on silk painted wrap/shawl.

Hand-embroidered detail work on silk painted abstract wall hanging.

Headpiece worn with Couture Autumn Leaf Gown. Headpiece made out of real tree twigs, sprayed gold and hand beaded. Beaded detail shown on front of gown.

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