(re)Designs by Rachael

Sewing, Reconstruction, Design & Creative Alterations for you and your home.


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Pin-striped miniskirt re-purposed from a men's double-breasted wool jacket.

Suit leggings restructured from the same men's double-breasted wool jacket. Angle opening accented with 4 grey buttons. Accessory to pin-stripped miniskirt.

1950's inspired pleated circle skirt. Netting layer over muslin.

Orange ribbon detail hand-sewn at waist for accent.

Charcoal colored, pin-stripped mini-skirt restructured from the lower half of a men's double-breasted suit jacket. Corset-inspired blue cotton shirt restructured from a men's blue cotton business shirt.

White button detail shown on the back.

Restructured men's single-breasted grey wool suit jacket and pants redesigned into tails and shorts for women's wear.

Glass button detail added to back jacket.

Restructured men's single breasted dark green suit jacket and pants, recut and redesigned into tails and short for women's wear. Brass cabinet hinges used as back and front clasp detail.

Restructured men's black wool tux pants with black ribbon detail, recut and redesigned into women's long skirt with wide-cut panels

Repurposed ties from my grandfather's closet, cut in half and sewn into a knee length skirt with size zipper.

Matching bag made from ties with black silk lining and zipper closing.

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